Privacy Policy

In addition to confidentiality requirements imposed by the Appraisal Institute of Canada, Inland Appraisers Ltd. maintains a strict privacy policy.

Personal Information
In general practice, Inland Appraisers Ltd. may be privy to confidential personal information.  This may include financial statements, income tax returns, and related material sometimes relevant to appraisal work or consulting assignments.  Some information may be disclosed to us in the process of litigation related appraisal work, arbritrations, and estate or tax planning consultations.
Sensitive personal information will be disclosed only to parties designated by the client.  More general infromation, typicaly rental or lease information, may be utilized in the valuation of other properties but will not be disclosed in this fashion without permission of the client in accordance with the terms of our contract for appraisal work.
Client List
Other than various levels of government and lenders, a list of clients will not be published but may be discussed in general terms.  Specific clients will not be identified.
A party other than the client or intended user who may be in possession of an appraisal report is not entitled to any  discussion or commentary from the appraiser.  In the event that the client grants permission in this regard, the appraiser will discuss the report only at his or her discretion.